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Thank you for visiting 赌钱游戏手机APP中心's website. 我们非常重视您的反馈、评论和问题. 一般查询, 患者信息或到达特定科室, 请打我们的总机号码 856.342.2000.


1. Billing-Related Questions and Payment Options – Whom Do I Contact?

If you have a question regarding a bill you received for services provided by 赌钱游戏手机APP中心 or a Cooper University Physician, 请与我们的中央发单处联络 855.434.5938.

2. 出生证明-如何索取副本?

Copies of your birth certificate must be obtained through the city or municipality in which you were born. 对于那些在卡姆登的赌钱游戏手机APP大学医院出生的人, certificates can be obtained through the office of the city clerk. 联系方式和说明可以通过 点击这里.

3. 赌钱游戏手机APP齿轮-在哪里我可以购买赌钱游戏手机APP品牌的商品?

参观库柏公司商店 点击这里开始购物.

4. 死亡证明书-如何索取副本?

The Vital Statistics office in Camden holds records of events that have occurred in the City of Camden from 1924 to present. 联系他们的办公室 点击这里.

5. 捐赠和社区服务-我该联系谁?

Click here to learn about the many different ways you can give – through donations, volunteering, community projects, and so much more.

6. 就业验证-我应该联系谁?

Cooper使用第三方供应商, 工作号码®由Equifax, 完成所有就业验证请求.

This system is streamlined and fully automated, and allows Cooper to offer:

  • A prompt response to verifiers online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A secure, paperless way to provide proof of employment or income.
  • Strict security standards and protocols to protect personal data.

To submit a request for employment verification, go to The Work Number web address at www.theworknumber.com.

For questions regarding the verification process, please contact The Work Number at 1.800.367.5690 寻求帮助.

7. 翻译服务-我该联系谁?

To arrange for interpreter services Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. 到5点.m.,请致电语言学系 856.342.2751 或电邮至 Linguistics@cooperhealth.edu. For interpreter services at all other times, please call the Hospital Operator at 856.342.2000.

8. 劳动和分娩信息.


9. 医疗记录-如何获取副本?

All patients may request copies of their health records free of charge. 您可以通过MyCooper在线或通过邮件提交请求.


  • 登录到你的帐户在我的.chiflados.net
  • Under the Health tab at the top of the page, click on Document Center.
  • 选择请求记录.
  • 点击超链接,填写并提交申请表.

You will receive confirmation once your request has been submitted, and a copy of your request will be available in your sent messages. The records will be available in MyCooper for you to download within 10 days of your request. A Cooper representative will contact you if more information is needed.

这项服务不收费, and the records will be available to download for 365 days.


Print out, complete, and sign the authorization form at the links below.


  • 打印清楚所有信息.
  • Indicate the dates you received treatment at Cooper and let us know if you would like all of your records or just selected dates.
  • Include the complete mailing address for you or the physician or other person to whom you would like the records forwarded.
  • Under “Description of Health Information Subject to this Authorization,” it is important to check all of the boxes that relate to your treatment while a patient at Cooper.
  • 在表格上签名并注明日期. 如果你是家长或监护人, please sign under “Authorized Representative” at the bottom right hand corner of the form. o Provide the patient’s name, address, 电话号码 and date of birth at the bottom of the form.


The requested records will be mailed within 10 days of your request. A Cooper representative will contact you if more information is needed. 这项服务不收费.

10. myCooper – How Do I 报名 Or Get Help With Accessing My Account?

要访问您的myCooper帐户,请访问 my.chiflados.net.
请注册myCooper 点击这里.
If you have a question regarding myCooper or are having trouble accessing your account or signing up, 请电子邮件 mycoopersupport@cooperhealth.edu.

11. 病人 – How Can I Reach or Verify a Patient in the Hospital?

If you know the full name of a patient who has been admitted, call 856.342.2000 and select option #2 to speak with a hospital representative who will connect you to their room. If the patient you are attempting to reach has been admitted to the trauma unit, a hospital representative will not be able to connect you to them. 然而,他们可以提供他们的状况的一般更新. 

12. Personal Information Updates in My Patient File – Whom Do I Call?

与患者访问中心联系 800.8.赌钱游戏手机APP (800.826.6737) to make any changes to your personal contact information (name, address, 电话号码, 电子邮件地址). 

13. 标准化病人计划-我如何申请?

For the Standardized Patient Program please contact the Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions of the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. You can reach the office by calling the school’s main number at 856.361.2800.

14. 交通-什么服务是可用的?

For available transportation services for patients in New Jersey 点击这里.

15. 找不到我的问题-我该联系谁?

 Fill out the 赌钱游戏手机APP form below and a Cooper representative will be in touch regarding your inquiry. Please be advised that responses may take one to two business days depending on the complexity of your issue and/or the volume of emails received. In addition, we cannot provide medical advice or patient information via email. 如果您正在寻求医疗建议,请致电 800.8.赌钱游戏手机APP (800.826.(6737)预约我们的一位医生. 如果您有紧急情况,请拨打911.

16. 供应商信息-我应该联系谁?

请电子邮件 purchasing@cooperhealth.edu 有任何问题或疑虑.

17. 志愿服务-我如何注册?

To volunteer or to learn more about Cooper’s volunteer program, 点击这里.

This online form is not to be used in the case of an emergency. 如果您遇到医疗紧急情况,请拨打911. 

You will receive a reply to your message within one to two business days.

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